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Denny’s Franchisee Association

Denny’s is the largest, full-service family restaurant chain in the United States. The first location opened in the States, in 1953.

At year-end 2000, there were 1,822 Denny’s restaurants:

  • 736 were owned and operated by “Denny’s Corporate
  • 1,067 by franchisees
  • 19 were operated under licensing agreements

Denny’s ended 2000 with total system-wide sales of $2.23 billion – making the brand one of the largest food service companies in America.

Jimmy John’s Franchisee Association

This work of art and science was proposed to us by two business owners – not unlike ourselves – who wanted to do something more for their peers.

Brad Lowry and Kyle Raymer wanted to establish a place where Jimmy John’s owners could go to learn how to be more efficient, stay informed of breaking news, and become a stronger community by leveraging a shared knowledge base.

Brad and Kyle have succeeded in creating a strong community very quickly, and we couldn’t be more proud of their success!

Rusty Lion Academy

This is one of the sites we are most proud of. Two influential men came together to form The Rusty Lion Academy: Bill Watkins, and Robert Mallon.

Bill and Robert have a vision of helping young CEOs achieve another level of success. The idea is to let you learn from their “scars” or “rust,” so that you can become greater than you are now. They’re both prepared to teach these lessons – and judging by the number of companies they’ve both managed and worked for, I can tell you from experience – these men mean business.

Watch the video on their Get Started page to get a better feel of who they are.


Frequentz is a technology leader in providing comprehensive serialized data, complete supply chain traceability, and information management solutions. In other words, their enterprise software solutions deliver valuable insights into end-to-end supply chains and critical business processes by collecting, storing and analyzing serialized, life history data.

Still confused? They basically provide a track and trace solution for anything you can think of. However, their focus is on the “Life Sciences, Food, Industrial, and the Consumer Packaged Goods” industries.


TradeMotion started in 1998 with the intent to create a globally accessible online marketplace for parts dealers and consumers. Since its initial conception, TradeMotion has grown to support many of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers.

They have single-handedly become one of the largest catalogs of parts, accessories, and mechanical products on the planet.

Denco Family

Denco Family is a $50M a year franchise ownership enterprise with over 48 franchises in their portfolio. From Denny’s, Subway, Popeye’s, 7-Eleven, Marriott, and Choice Hotels, this group is as eminent as a family operated business can get.

Talk about family… Denco Family is as close to home as it gets. I have personally spent many years celebrating weddings, holidays, birthdays, and births with this special and influential group of people.

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